At BOX-IE, we believe that while phone calls, blooms and booze are certainly in order for special occasions, it is thoughtfully selected gifts that ultimately connect people, transform relationships and create memorable moments – and of course makes you look good!

As Australia’s newest gifting studio, BOX-IE is helping to bring hampers into the 21st century. Specialising in sourcing the perfect, where-did-you-find-this gifts, a team of Melbourne tastemakers have carefully sourced and masterfully assembled a curated collection of quality products, little luxuries and finer details — each selected and styled to genuinely delight and surprise.  

From sips and snacks to beauty, homewares and wellness, BOX-IE take pride in sourcing products that push the boundaries of design, are made locally to support small business and jobs and are sustainably and ethically produced making them a gift for the planet, too.

And if you are after bespoke options, then feel free to call for BOX-IE back up for large-scale professional gifting and customised corporate opportunities to include your company’s own branding, colours or campaign. We also trust the best delivery services to ensure we save you time and worry.

Behind the BOX-IE

Created with the rebellious spirit to do gifts differently, BOX-IE is founded by Sally Crinis — entrepreneur, future-thinker, and the friend everyone wants because she gives the best gifts. Sal is also one of Melbourne’s premier event directors and respected business women with BOX-IE her latest and most passionate career venture yet.

At the helm of her project management agency, Stella & Co, Crinis pivoted her business at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic to create ISODATE — which sought to reboot workplace cultures during the work-from-home era with interactive food and beverage hampers and digital events. ISODATE simultaneously sent between 10 and 1000+ hampers to staff working from home to connect over conferences, board meetings, award nights and team bonding as well as care packages or customer engagement.  These customised hampers for businesses to connect with staff and clients has since grown into a permanent arm of the Stella & Co business.

Passionate about bringing a sense of exclusivity and a personal touch to every project, Crinis is excited to draw on the same energy and enthusiasm that helps her to produce memorable large-scale events, to create modern gift boxes no one will forget. 

So whether you want to ring in a milestone, send a hug or a round of applause BOX-IE’S concierge team are ready to collaborate with you to design timeless gift boxes for modern gifting.